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Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning


In the case of a solid fuel appliance the chimney must be swept at least once a year irrespective of how often it has been used. If deposits are allowed to build up year after year they can become very hard, and removal at a later date could be quite costly. If a solid fuel fire is used often and uses wood or coal, then it would be wise to have it swept halfway through the heating season as well.

The sweeping of a chimney is not intended just to prove that a flue is not blocked, but also to clean the sides of the flue to avoid a gradual build up of deposits over the years. To clean a flue whilst it is being swept, the sweep must ensure that he chooses the correct size and stiffness of a brush to suit the size of flue, the material it is constructed from or lined with, and the fuel that has been burned since it was last burned. Once the chimney has been swept the chimney sweep should issue a certificate stating whether, in his opinion, the flue is safe for you to continue using and when he estimates the next time the chimney should be swept.

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