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CCTV Chimney Inspections


Your chimney may appear in great condition on the outside, but inside it could be hiding necessary repairs. How do you know when these repairs are needed?
If your chimney is made of brick, undetectable internal masonry repairs may be needed to keep it strong and stable. After years of heating and varying weather temperatures, masonry can deteriorate and cracks begin to develop. These problems may need to be fixed prior to your wood burning stove installation
A CCTV inspection can offer a detailed analysis of your masonry and recommend repairs to keep your chimney strong and structurally sound, Also allowing us to give accurate quotes detecting possible problems which we could not see without our cameras.

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About Our inspection



A professional, fully recordable colour camera system for use in chimneys ducts and pipes.

With a 7 inch flat TFT screen, built into the unit, all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. The camera is fitted with super Infrared Led's. A colour picture in light & Black and white infrared mode when in chimney flue and ductings ensures crisp, bright images are relayed straight to the TFT screen giving you on-the spot instant viewing

All images can be recorded directly onto the SD card and played back onto the TFT screen, using the SD card reader supplied.

The camera is attached to 25 metres of flexible cable, allowing you to reach to the top of the chimney. The 'Look See Recordable' is mains powered and comes complete with an elbow joint and rod allowing easy connection to your chimney rods.
Using our brushes as a centring device the camera can be either pushed up the chimney, giving a forward view, or turned round to provide a downwards view in case of extreme soot and other debris in the chimney.





A colour camera with built in Infrared LED's
'Live' recording direct onto SD card via a digital video recorder built into the lid
Full playback via your laptop using the SD card reader
SD card included
Built in colour 7 - TFT LCD monitor
Camera housed in a tough custom made stainless steel housing
Wide angle of view
25m flexible cable from monitor to camera, complete with cable markers, housed on a cable drum
Easily transportable 9kg
Fast connection to your rods
Robust and durable
Outstanding picture quality
Supplied ready for work
Simple and safe to operate


amac camera chimney inspection
amac camera chimney inspection

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