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Chimney lining and Installations

By installing a chimney liner we can ensure that there is a Safe, Clean passage for the combustion gases between the stove and outside of your property.

Lining your chimney makes it safer and increases efficiency

because a flue liner does the following-

  • Improves the draw because it is size appropriate for your stove allowing higher temperatures to be maintained and the flue gasses to travel faster.  This means the stove will reach its operating temperature more quickly.

  • Hotter, faster moving flue gasses prevent condensation in the flue which can cause tar to build up.  This can be difficult to clean and is highly combustable.

  • The continuous, smooth surface of the liner makers it harder for soot to build up.  It is easier to sweep and maintain the efficient operation of your stove.

  • Prevents smoke and tar leaking out through cracks in the maisonary

  • Protects against carbon monoxide leaks

  • More cost effective than refurbishing the chimney flue

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